The importance of integrated communications in change programmes

A graphic showing various forms of communication linking together to form an integrated approach to communicating with people about change.

The importance of integrated communications in change programmes The importance of integrated communications in change programmes cannot be underestimated. Change is a constant in the business world. Companies must adapt, evolve, and transform to stay competitive and relevant. But navigating these turbulent waters is no easy feat. In fact, 70% of business transformations fail, resulting in huge […]

Why is successful change so hard to achieve?

Why is successful change so hard to achieve? Change is an inevitable part of life. From personal growth to organisational development, the ability to adapt and evolve is crucial for success. Yet, despite our best intentions, why is it so difficult to achieve successful change? Why do we often find ourselves stuck in old habits […]

Why Proper Training is Crucial for Successful Digital Transformation

Why Proper Training is Crucial for Successful Digital Transformation In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, it is no secret that companies must embrace digital technologies to stay relevant and competitive. However, simply investing in new tools and software isn’t enough – organisations must also equip their employees with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful implementation. That’s why we’re […]

5 steps to saving your IT transformation

5 steps to saving your IT transformation Large IT projects are 20 times more likely to fail than similar sized projects in other industries. Think on that for a moment. Why is this? The answer is not simple, and many different aspects can come into play causing a project to overrun. When this happens, there’s […]

5 ways to make your L&D better for remote workers

Remote worker on laptop

Remote workers are very much becoming the norm in business globally. With the need to be ‘on’ 24 hours a day and the fact that cloud computing offers great possibilities, there’s never been a better time to embrace remote working. But how can you keep your remote workers happy, engaged and growing? Here are five […]

The 5 pitfalls of mandatory training courses

Mandatory training courses are often seen as a necessary evil in organisations, both by L&D and the learners. The same courses are rolled out year after year and learners come to dread the moment when the email arrives inviting them to visit the LMS to take the course. Their mindset is already in the ‘get […]

Five alternatives to formal learning for busy L&D teams

When your L&D team is up to capacity and another SME comes to you asking for a formal training course, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But is formal learning always the right answer? Sometimes you can find an effective way to provide learning without taking on another large design and development job. There are plenty […]

5 tips for successfully launching large corporate learning courses

Launching large corporate learning courses, whether eLearning, classroom or blended, needs careful planning and execution to ensure uptake, completion and ultimately behavioural change. We recognised the need for change management and communications around course launches, especially where a large number of people are involved, a while ago and now regard some or all of these […]

Here’s why blended learning is the way forward for L&D

When eLearning first became a thing a number of years ago, it was meant to spell the end for classroom learning. As it turns out, it was a wildly inaccurate prediction. Classroom training is still going strong today. There are some things that you just cannot teach online, particularly with very complicated subjects or where […]

Why the Forgetting Curve matters to L&D

In a recent Harvard Business Review article about where companies go wrong with learning and development, the article stated that organisations spent $359 billion globally on training in 2016. It’s an interesting article, and definitely worth a read. One element of the article stood out for us particularly and this was the Forgetting Curve. The […]

5 things that kill the completion rates of eLearning courses

There are many ways to look at the success of eLearning and training programmes. Ultimately behavioural change is the key measure of whether training has been successful or not. In order to achieve behavioural change though, your learners first have to complete the training. In a classroom environment you can tell whether people are ‘getting […]

5 reasons why training should be planned earlier in IT transformations

Illustration of someone typing on a laptop

IT transformations have been a feature in the public and private sector for many years now, yet organisations still neglect one of the most important factors in a successful project, training. We’ve all been on the end of IT transformations at work, with varying levels of success in these projects. There have been some horror […]