Sometimes there’s a need to use both eLearning and classroom training. We’re used to designing and delivering amazing blended learning programmes that will engage and delight your learners.

Often clients come to us not knowing that a blended programme is the best option. It’s part of our initial engagement process to understand your requirements, the outcomes you are looking to achieve and the best ways in which to achieve them.

Blended programmes can utilise online training first and classroom second or can use online to follow up and reinforce classroom learning. Either way, you can trust us to deliver excellence in blended learning.

The online part of a blended programme can involve structured eLearning, informal ‘as needed’ eLearning or other methods such as webinars or even one to one online coaching. We’ll recommend the best approach as we take your desired outcomes and build a programme to achieve those outcomes.

Talk to us today to find out how our blended approach can take your training interventions to a new level of engagement.