eLearning that works

Learning is all about change and growth. That’s why we love it and we want you to feel the same! Each project is a unique opportunity to help people to do something better or adopt a new way of thinking. Now that’s cool!

Whether it’s systems, compliance or soft skills training, your eLearning project is safe with us. Starting with your brief, we’ll come up with a concept for the eLearning. These sessions often work well with your team involved.

Following the concept sign off, a storyboard will be prepared which outlines how the training will be put together and typically includes screenshots and text that will appear on each slide. After the storyboard is agreed and signed off, the eLearning will be created.

We work with several authoring tools, including Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Adapt and H5P amongst others. We’ll recommend which authoring tool most suits your project.

If you need animations, voiceover or video then we can do that too. We also have a network of highly skilled partners if you have very specialist requirements.

Over the years, we’ve successfully completed many projects for large and small organisations, gaining a reputation for excellence and always getting the job done. Learners are also very complimentary about our eLearning so you can rest assured that we’ll give your project the very same level of care and attention.

Talk to us today about your next eLearning project.

We start with your objective. After all, that’s the reason you’re creating learning in the first place. What do you want the learner to do after the training? How will you measure the behavioural change? Will you give people the space and support to use what they’ve learned?