Our Onbrd solution helps you to engage new starters from the point at which they accept a role with your company; and holds their hand all the way to their first day and beyond.

The period in between acceptance and start date is when engagement levels should be kept at their very highest, because this is the time of greatest risk. You’ve spent weeks or even months interviewing someone, spent time assessing, interviewing, coming up with an offer and just when your new starter is craving attention and information, it all goes quiet.

It’s understandable, because your recruitment team is now dealing with other candidates and you have a day job. So who picks up the slack? Most companies rely on the candidate to keep themselves engaged and to seek out information, but online there’s so much information and also so much misinformation. Not to mention other recruiters trying to prise your new starter away from you, because they know it’s a prime opportunity to influence them.

With Onbrd, your new starter is engaged from the acceptance stage on your own bespoke platform where they can learn, interact and engage whenever they want. They can learn about your team, your company and your culture, they can even learn about your products and services and take systems training. When an Onbrd new starter turns up on day one they’ll be motivated, informed and raring to go. For you this means more value from the first day, as opposed to the normal ‘get up to speed’ routine that can take weeks or longer.

If you have a lot of temporary workers coming and going then Onbrd is ideal for that purpose as well. How do you bring in new people at very short notice and make sure that you get the maximum value from them? With Onbrd, they can learn all about your company and its processes before they start on their first day. Our mobile enabled platform is ideal for short term or temporary workers, where you need to know that they have learned and understood the critical information needed.

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